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civic / cultural

Lower Anchor Street

Gazey Architects were commissioned to undertake this 200sqm refurbishment, basement works and internal remodelling of a large, four-storey, end-of-terrace property in Chelmsford, Essex.

The brief was to convert the basement area into the main level of living accommodation. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce two sunken external courtyard areas (front & rear) and new window / door openings to provide the poorly-lit basement areas with natural light, while also strengthening the relationship between the house and the garden.

The idea was to sensitively modify the Victorian property while enhancing the poorly-lit internal spaces by creating larger external openings and the introduction of a double height dining space with overlooking mezzanine space.

The introduction of openable conservation rooflights within the existing roof structures will also increase the daylight within the upper storey bedroom spaces.

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