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civic / cultural

Eafield Road (GA Studio)

While employed by GA Studio, involvement on this interesting project commenced during the planning stage and included the role of project architect. The project included the contemporary design of two detached dwellings located in the rural setting of Littleborough, Lancashire.

The scheme consisted of two five-bedroom houses, which were sensitively designed to relate to their quaint context. Located adjacent to a row of Yorkshire stone cottages, the design utilised traditional materials such as coarsely-textured sandstone, zinc and timber, but in a contemporary manner. The locally-sourced natural stone was used in shallow but long sections to provide a horizontality, which would help to visually lighten this heavy material. This method was particularly appropriate for the areas of cantilevered structure.

The gullwing roof was covered in pre-weathered zinc in a standing seam system. This element not only related to the local vernacular but provided views of the distant landscape and captured higher levels of natural light for the first floor spaces.

The dwellings were accessed at half landing and the lower level of accommodation was partially buried into the ground. The open-plan living quarters were situated at this level, where full height views of the landscape could be appreciated.

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